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Atakar Consulting is a leading mechanical engineering consultancy company In Istanbul, Turkey. Our president is Mr. Oktar Atakar, BSAAE, MSME. Oktar Atakar is a mechanical engineer who received his BSAAE degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University in Indiana and his MSME degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Louisville in Kentucky. After working as an Engineer at Senler, Campbell & Associates, Inc, he returned to Turkey in 1991 and began his career at Atakar Consulting. He is fluent in Turkish, English, and German (a graduate of Alman Lisesi, a German medium high school in Istanbul).

With over 40 years of experience Atakar Consulting has established itself as a firm that provides dedicated and meticulous service. We are experienced with a wide range of facilities such as factories, offices, residences, and health facilities. For more information you may browse some of the projects that we have worked on.

Erdoğan Atakar in 1966
Erdoğan Atakar (1966)
Atakar Consulting was established in 1963 by Mr. Erdoğan Atakar as a forerunning HVAC engineering firm in Turkey. Our founder, Mr. Erdoğan Atakar, was born in Adana in Southern Turkey. He studied in Istanbul, where he received his engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University. Mr. Erdoğan Atakar remained active as a mechanical enginner until he passed away in 2003. Mr. Erdoğan Atakar was known for his personal and professional integrity and as a vocal member of the HVAC community. The Atakar Consulting family is gratefully guided by the foundations and principles established by him.

Mr. Erdoğan Atakar loved poetry and was an amateur poet himself. His love of poetry remained a passion throughout his life. He was known and loved for his gatherings, where poetry recitals and singing folk songs took place.

Our president, Mr Oktar Atakar, is the son of Mr. Erdoğan Atakar.

This is an old fotograph of the three Atakar partners. On the left: Oktar Atakar and Erdoğan Atakar. On the right: Erdal Taşcıoğlu. The Atakar Partners: Erdoğan, Oktar and Erdal

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